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toro stand on aerator

Toro 30" Stand on Aerator

 (Formerly known as the Lawn Solutions Stand on Aerator)
Toro 30 inch stand on aerator
toro ride on aerator
exmark 30 inch standon aerator
The Toro 30" stand on aerator boasts a powerful Kawasaki V-Twin engine with integrated hydraulics that follow the contours of the ground to pull even plugs over hills and soft ground.  It applies up to 1,200 pounds of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 5" cores and operators can finely tune the hydraulic system to pull any length of plug on the fly.  This Toro ride on aerator has electronic foot pedal controls that allow the operator to raise and lower the tines instantly for quick zero-turn maneuvers without talking their hands off the controls.  The aerator is equipped with a floating operator platform that isolates the operator from vibrations for an exceptionally smooth ride.  This 30" wide machine can reach speeds of 7.5 MPH and can hold 5 gallons of fuel which extends your operating time.   

Toro 21 inch Hydraulic Areator

 (Formerly known as the Lawn Solutions Walk Behind Aerator)
toro 21 inch hydraulic aerator
exmark 21 inch hydraulic aerator
toro walkbehind aerator
toro plug aerator
Exmark Plug Aerator
The Toro 21" hydraulic aerator features a unique hydraulic drive system that provides excellent maneuverability and ease of use - no need to raise the tines to turn the machine.  A wide unibody frame with 10-guage steel construction and outboard drive wheels give this machine a low center of gravity for excellent side hill stability.  This Toro aerator is compact enough to get into the tightest areas and can aerate in reverse to back out.  Handles fold up to make transport and storage a snap.  Self cleaning tines are capable of creating plugs up to 4" deep, depending on ground conditions.
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HomeToro Dingo Models+ AttachmentsSkid Steer AttachmentsStump GrindersTrenchersChipperAeratorsSeeder
DethatcherRotary BroomConcrete MasonryCompactionMaxi SneakerUsed Toro Dingo EquipmentToro Dingo PartsSite Map

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Toro 30 inch Stand on Aerator Specifications

  • Kawasaki FS481V V-Twin 14.5 Horsepower Gasoline Engine
  • 5 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 28 inch Aerating Width
  • Up to 4 inch Aerating Depth
  • 48 inch Overall Machine Width
  • 53 inch Overall Height
  • 65 inch Overall Length
  • 1,015 Pound Machine Weight
  • 7.5 MPH Forward Speed/2.2 MPH Reverse Speed
  • Can Aerate 2.1 Acres Per Hour
  • Has 48 Tines
Toro 21 inch Hydraulic Aerator Specifications

  • Kawasaki Fj180V 6 Horsepower Gasoline Engine
  • 1 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • 21 inch Aerating Width
  • Up to 4 inch Aerating Depth
  • 31.5 inch Overall Machine Width
  • 38 inch Overall Height with Handle Folded/ 46 inch Overall Height with Handle Up
  • 48 inch Overall Length with Handle Folded/ 50 inch Overall Length with Handle Up
  • 285 Pound Machine Weight with out Weights
  • 4 MPH Forward Speed/2.2 MPH Reverse Speed
  • Can Aerate 0.8 Acres Per Hour
  • Has 36 Tines
Financing programs available like $0 down and no payments for 120 days and 0 percent interest for 42 months.  Other programs available too! 
No sales tax charged on any Toro aerator shipped outside the state of Virginia
 $0 down and no payments until July on New Toro Aerators!

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