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used toro dingo
   420 Narrow Track for sale  $10,500
Used Toro Dingo High Torque Auger Attachment:   SOLD
Key Features:

-brand new 20 horsepower gas Kohler engine installed
-Comes with a used 42" bucket 
-34.5" wide
-Has 1265 hours on machine (0 on engine)
-Comes with good tracks, new engine oil and all new filters (air, fuel, oil and hydraulic) and new battery
Key Features:

-2013 model year
-High Torque Model
-Used 3-4 times
-Comes with all new warranties

New Toro SGR 13 Stumpgrinder:  Call for Price
used Toro SGR Stumpgrinder
Used Stump grinder
HomeToro Dingo Models+ AttachmentsSkid Steer AttachmentsStump GrindersTrenchersChipperAeratorsSeeder
DethatcherRotary BroomConcrete MasonryCompactionMaxi SneakerUsed Toro Dingo EquipmentToro Dingo PartsSite Map

E&S Equipment, LLC
11715 Pump Station Way
Manassas, VA 20109
(703) 919-1379
No Sales Tax added to used equipment shipped outside the state of Virginia
Used High Torque Auger Head 1
Used Toro Dingo High Torque Auger 3
Used Toro Dingo 525 Wide Track Diesel  SOLD
Key Features:

- 25 horsepower Kubota diesel engine
- About 1119 hours/ 2008 model
- 40.5" wide
- Comes with a bucket and platform
- One track is new the other is in good shape.
-all new filters 
 The Dingo is ready to go to works

Used Toro 21 Inch Hydraulic Aerator:  Call for price
Key Features:

- Used about 10 hours
- Aerates in forward and reverse
-  Hydraulic
-  Comes with all new warranties

Please Call Everett at 703 919 1379 to buy or for a shipping quote.
Demonstrated Toro Dingo 525 Wide Track:  Call for price
Used Snowthrower Attachment for the Toro Dingo:    SOLD
Used Toro Dingo Snowthrower Attachment
used toro dingo snow thrower attachment
Key Features:

-We believe this unit has never been used
-2 stage
-Snow Turret revolves to throw snow in any direction
Used Toro Dingo 525 Narrow Track
Key Features

-Low hours
-Comes with a standard bucket
-Comes with all new warranties
-Great financing plans available
-Call 703 919 1379 to get more information on financing

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Used Toro Dingo

Used Toro 21 inch Walk Behind Aerator
Used Toro Hydraulic Aerator
Key Features:

- Brand new 
- 13 horsepower engine
- Uses the patented Quadrablade technology
- Can get into the tightest places

Used Toro Dingo Auger Bits   9,12,15,18,24 inch bits   SOLD
Used Toro Dingo Auger 1 Foot and 2 Foot Extensions  SOLD and $200
Used Toro Dingo 1 Foot Auger Head Extension
Used 2 Foot Toro Dingo Auger Extension
Key Features:

-Allows your Toro Dingo Auger to dig one or two foot deeper than it can right now

Used Utility Blade Attachment for the Toro Dingo:   $1,100
Used Toro Dingo snow blade
used toro dingo utility blade
Key Features:

-Hydraulically angles both left and right
-Toro brand
-Great for pushing snow and backfilling trenches

Used Toro Dingo Trencher Crumbler: SOLD
Key Features:

-Attaches to trenchers safety bar and helps pull out the dirt spoils from ditches that were not pulled out by the trencher chain
-Works on all Toro Dingo trencher attachments
-Works on all Toro TRX Trenchers
Used Toro Dingo Trencher Attachment:   SOLD
used toro dingo trencher attachment
used toro ditchwitch
Key Features:

-Only used 3 times
-Set up to dig up to 3 foot deep by 6 inches wide
-Comes with 1 year warranty when purchased

Used Toro Dingo Backhoe Attachment:   SOLD
Used Toro Dingo Backhoe Attachment
used toro dingo backhoe attachment
Key Features:

-Comes with a 15" wide bucket
-Can be used with any Dingo (except TX 413)
-Can dig 6 foot 6 inches deep 
Used Toro Dingo Vibratory Plow Attachment:   SOLD
Used Toro Dingo Vibratory Plow Attachment 1
Used Toro Dingo Tiller Attachment 2
Key Features:

-Not used very much
-Allows your Toro Dingo to bury irrigation pipe and wire without trenching the ground
-Comes with a chinese finger
Used Toro Dingo Jackhammer Attachment:  SOLD
Used Toro Dingo Hydraulic Hammer
Used Toro Dingo Jackhammer
Key Features:

-Kent Brand Model K2
-Works Great
-Works in Horizontal and Vertical Positions
Used Harley Rake Attachment for the Toro Dingo  SOLD
Used toro dingo harley rake attachment
Used Toro Dingo power box rake
Key Features:

-Only used one or two times (almost brand new)
-Pulverizes soil
-Can adjust 45 degrees to windrow
-Manufactured by the Harley Rake Company
Used Toro Dingo Toothbar for SOLD
Used toro dingo toothbar
Used Toro Dingo Tooth Bar
Key Features:

-Only works for standard buckets (42 inches wide)
-Makes Digging into Virgin Soil Much Easier
-Can Be Taken Off Very Easy

Used Toro Dingo Standard Bucket and Narrow Bucket:   SOLD
Used toro dingo standard bucket
Used Toro Dingo Narrow Bucket
Key Features:

-Used standard bucket in good shape with good cutting edge and no splitting of welds
-Standard bucket is 42" wide
-Narrow bucket not used very much
-Narrow bucket is the smallest bucket for the Dingo and is 34 inches wide

Used Toro Dingo Soil Cultivator Attachment:  SOLD
Used toro dingo soil cultivator attachment 1
Used Toro Dingo Soil Cultivator Attachment 2
Key Features:

-Brand new tiller tines installed
-The ultimate yard preperation tool
-Front roller leaves a perfect seed or sod bed

Used US Praxis/ Toro SGR-13 Stump Grinder:    SOLD
Used toro sgr 13 stump grinder 1
Used Toro SGR-13 Handle Bar Stump Grinder
Key Features:

-Has less that 200 hours on unit
-Has the patented Quadrublade technology
-The blade on the unit is brand new

Used Toro Tracked STX 38 Stump Grinder: Call for price
Key Features:

-About 4 hours on unit
-38 horsepower engine
-2013 model
-Tracks are better than wheels
-34 inches wide
-Very easy to use
-Grinds stumps very quick and keeps stump grindings from shooting everywhere
-Travels almost twice as fast as others
-Uses green teeth
-Uses hydraulics to power the head/ no belts 
-No down payment and 0% financing available
-Comes with 1 year warranty and 2 year warranty on the engine
-Payments as low as $389 a month  

we accept credit cards
New Toro BC 25 6 inch Brush Chipper:    Call for price
Used toro bc25 wood chipper
Used Toro BC25 6 inch brush chipper
Used toro bc25 6 inch wood chipper
Used Toro BC25 6 inch wood chipper 1
Key Features:

-Brand New
-6 inch capacity
-34 inches wide
-This is the best 6 inch chipper on the market
-Can be pushed by workers instead of being towed
-Produces very fine chips
-Removal of one bolt allows access to cutter block
-Comes with built in trailer
-Trailer has license plate holder and tail lights
-No down payment and 0% financing available
-Comes with 1 year warranty and 2 year warranty on the engine

we accept credit cards 1
Used 2008 Toro Dingo Diesel 525 Narrow Track for SOLD
Used toro dingo 525 narrow track for sale
Used Toro Diesel Narrow Track for sale 2
Used toro dingo 525
Used Toro Dingo 525
Key Features:

-2008 model year
-25 horsepower Kubota diesel engine
-240 hours. Low Hours
-Comes with a used 42" bucket
-Practically a brand new machine
-34 inches wide
-Comes with standard 42 inch wide bucket
-Comes with standplatform that can fold up out of the way
Used Toro Dingo Diesel Narrow Track
Used Toro Dingo 525 diesel Wide Tracks
Used diesel dingo
used toro trencher crumbler
used dingo crumbler
used toro dingo
used toro dingo wide track
used toro dingo for sale
used stx stump grinder for sale
used toro  dingo stump grinder stx 38
used gas narrow track
demonstrated toro dingo for sale
used toro dingo narrow track
used tracked stumpgrinder