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toro dingo 427 narrow track link
toro dingo tx 427 wide track link
Toro dingo tx 525 narrow track link
Toro dingo tx 525 wide track link
toro dingo 220  link
toro dingo 323  link
The Dingo TX 427 narrow track is designed with workers in mind.  Powering the legendary 4 pump hydraulic system is a 27 hp Kohler gasoline engine.  Also, at 34" wide it can easily fit between a 36" gate making tight area access a breeze.  All of its power is harnessed in only 3 easy-to-use controls, which make it simple for any worker to step up and be productive.
Check out the Toro Dingo TX 427 Wide Track - with its exclusive wide track, it extends your versatility while improving your productivity when faced with a variety of difficult landscapes and ground conditions.  Equipped with a 27 hp Kohler gasoline engine, the Dingo TX 427 offers incredible ground engaging power and awesome digging or trenching capabilities.
DIESEL DONE RIGHT. The Toro Dingo TX 525 diesel is the strongest Dingo on the market.  Its available in both narrow track (34" wide) and wide track (40.5" wide) configurations.  . The 25 hp Kubota diesel engines torque curve combined with the added auxiliary hp, provide attachments the added power that tough jobs require. The TX 525 models auxiliary hydraulic performance makes the most challenging ground conditions no problem.
The Toro Dingo 220 provides exceptional value. Packed with a 2 pump hydraulic system, the Dingo 220 is built with a 20 hp Kohler engine to save you time and money, and has excellent power for enhanced performance.  Up to 10.8 gpm at 3000 psi hydraulic system gives you incredible hydraulic power to auger up to 36 inches wide holes.
Equipped with the Toro designed 4-Paw, the independent 4-wheel drive system, the Dingo 323 offers, at 3000 psi, incredible power and durability. Delivering 10.8 gpm of hydraulic power with this 23 hp Kohler engine guarantee jobsight productivity. 
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HomeToro Dingo Models+ AttachmentsSkid Steer AttachmentsStump GrindersTrenchersChipperAeratorsSeeder
DethatcherRotary BroomConcrete MasonryCompactionMaxi SneakerUsed Toro Dingo EquipmentToro Dingo PartsSite Map

toro dingo specs
Toro Dingo Tracked Models Controls
Toro's patented, easy to use and learn controls make for more productive workers
Change Attachments In Seconds With No Lifting with the Toro Dingo  

Toro Dingo for sale
toro dingo price
compact utility loader
1) Mount to the attachment plate on the unit.
2) Twist pins to locked position.
3) For powered attachments, connect hydraulic lines to dripless flush-face quick couplers on loader arms.
The Contractor Bottom Line
toro dingo price list
compact utility equipment
dingo machine pricesdingo machine prices
dingo machine pricesdingo machine pricesdingo machine prices
dingo machine pricesdingo machine pricesdingo machine pricesdingo machine prices
dingo machine pricesdingo machine pricesdingo machine prices
dingo machine pricesdingo machine prices
dingo machine prices
dingo machine pricesdingo machine prices
            Costs per hand laborer                    
*base hourly wage $10.00
*Based on 2008 MSRP financed at 5.9% for 48 months
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Toro Dingo

                                      Weekly        Monthly                                
Wage                            $400.00       $1733.33

FICA & Work Comp         $23.76         $102.96

Unemployment                 $0.72             $3.12

Weekly Total               $424.48

Monthly Total                                  $1839.41

Annual Total                                 $22,073.92
​                                       Weekly           Monthly 

TX 427 Dingo                  $106.00           $459.34
Auger Power Head            $14.07             $60.97
12" Auger                          $2.48             $10.76
30" Auger                          $4.69             $20.32
36" Trencher                     $25.11           $110.11
42 Standard Bucket            $2.84             $12.31
Leveler                               $3.27             $14.17
Adjustable Forks                $4.05             $17.55
Fuel & Maintenance          $57.69           $250.00



Toro Dingo Landscape Package
Watch your productivity skyrocket.
The Toro Dingo lets you get rid of rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, axes, pry bars and other time-wasting hand tools.  Reduce hand labor with a Toro Dingo and solve all kinds of problems.  When a compact utility loader shows up on your site, it shows up on your bottom line.  Its an investment that pays back fast, giving you more time, healthier crews, and top performance.
You'll save on labor costs from day one.  Compare the costs of hand labor to the costs of a Toro Dingo and you'll see what it will do for your bottom line right away.
toro dingo 320-D link
The Toro Dingo 320-D is the only wheeled unit that utilizes a diesel engine.  The 20 horsepower Kubota engine produces a huge amount of power that will keep working for many years to come.  A stand platform comes standard with the 320-D keeping operators up out of the dirt and gives them a better view of the work area.

Toro Dingo Attachments

Toro Dingo Trencher Attachment
Toro Dingo Trencher Attachment
So versatile, it can be used to dig a trench up to 4 foot deep and 4 to 12 inches wide.  2 foot, 3 foot, and 4 foot booms available.  Various chain options available.
Toro Dingo High Torque Auger Attachment
Toro Dingo High Torque Auger Attachment
Allows you to dig large diameter holes from 4 inches to 36 inches in difficult conditions.  Excellent for digging holes for trees, footings, or irrigation valve boxes.
Toro Dingo Trench Filler Attachment
Toro Dingo Trench Filler Attachment
Designed for time and money-saving efficiency lets operators fill trenches in a single pass.
Toro Dingo Universal Swivel Auger Attachment
Toro Dingo Universal Swivel Auger Head Attachment
Ensures plumb holes on uneven terrain.  Recommended for auger bits up to 24 inches wide.  Perfect for fence posts.
Toro Dingo Bore Head Drive Attachment
Toro Dingo Bore Drive Head Attachment
Compact and functional, used to bore below sidewalks, driveways, etc.  A choice of assorted rod lengths allows for operation in both confined and open areas.
Toro DIngo Hydraulic Tree Forks
Toro Dingo Hydraulic Tree Forks
Adjustable hydraulic forks open to 30 inches wide to grab trees and large shrubs.  Pinpoint maneuverability allows exact placement.
Toro Dingo Bucket Attachment
Toro Dingo Standard Bucket
Use this standard bucket for moving rock, dirt, sand and other materials off and around the job site.  Narrow bucket and loose materials bucket also available.
Toro Dingo Adjustable Forks
Toro Dingo Adjustable Forks
Carry and maneuver posts, irrigation supplies, rocks, pallets, plants, fertilizer and more.
Toro Dingo Toothbar Attachment
Toro Dingo Tooth Bar 
Add a tooth bar to your standard bucket to increase it’s digging ability. Tooth bars are also available for loose materials and narrow buckets.

Toro Dingo Soil Cultivator Attachment
Toro Dingo Soil Cultivator Attachment
Prepares seed bed in one pass, tills soil up to 5.5 inches deep.  Cultivates, grades, buries stones, dirt clods, overgrowth, grass and debris.
Toro Dingo Backhoe Attachment
Toro Dingo Backhoe Attachment
Rugged and versatile.  Used to prepare the job site by digging, loading, trenching, backfilling or doing demolition.  Digs up to 6 foot 6 inches deep.
Toro Dingo Harley Rake Attachment
Toro Dingo Power Box (Harley) Rake Attachment
The perfect tool for seed bed and sod bed preparation.  The rotary drum pulverizes rough soil, cuts high spots and fills low ones, in one pass; while removing rock and debris.
Toro Dingo Vibratory Plow Attachment
Toro Dingo Vibratory Plow Attachment
Elliptical vibrating motion pulls pipe through difficult soil conditions.  Unique depth gauge allows you to see how deep you are at all times.  Can pull pipe up to 18 inches deep.
Toro Dingo Tiller Attachment
Toro Dingo Tiller Attachment
40 inches wide and able to till over six inches deep on one pass.  Reversible tine rotation allows you to free jams quickly and easily.
Toro Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment
Toro Dingo Stump Grinder Attachment
Index position of blade adjusts up to 30 degrees allowing for easy removal of roots.  Easily  cuts up to 36 inches above grade and 16.5 inches below grade.
Toro Dingo Hydraulic Breaker Attachment
Toro Dingo Hydraulic Breaker Attachment
Powerful!  Delivers 175 ft-lbs of force and 1200 blows/min.  Multi-position mounting head lets you break in vertical and horizontal positions.
Toro Dingo Grapple Rake Attachment
Toro Dingo Grapple Rake Attachment
Allows operators to grab, drag, lift and place materials with ease.  The grapple has two heavy-duty cylinders capable of producing 3000lbs of clamping force at the tine tips, insuring you can "grab-ahold" and not let go
Toro Dingo Cement Bowl Attachment
Toro Dingo Cement Bowl Attachment
Lets you mix, haul and pour cement directly where you want it in one step.  
(Requires auger head to run)
Grapple Rod Bucket 
Utilizes two strong hydraulic cylinders and forged of high strength steel.  Uses include moving logs, branches and brush.  Also great for sifting unwanted material out of dirt, leaving the soil behind.          VIDEO

Toro Dingo Snow Blower Attachment
Toro Dingo Snowthrower Attachment
This hydraulic, direct drive 44 inch wide, 2 stage snowthrower is great for clearing sidewalks and driveways and for breaking down huge piles of snow.  
Bush Hog Cutter / Rotary Brush Mower
At 48.25 inches wide, this clearing attachment cuts, clears and mulches unwanted brush, thickets, grass and saplings up to 2 inches wide.  Works in forward or reverse                 VIDEO

Hydraulic Broom for Toro Dingo
Great at sweeping dirt, snow and trash.  Angles 25 degrees either side manually or hydraulic (optional).  48 inches wide.
Toro Dingo Leveler Attachment
Toro Dingo Leveler Attachment
Easily spreads and grades loose topsoil and other landscape materials.  Carrys job site materials such as plants, fertilizer, irrigation supplies and more.
Toro Dingo Utility Blade Attachment
Toro Dingo Utility Blade Attachment
This 4 foot wide blade can be angled right or left by the flip of a lever.  Applications include back filling trenches, grading and pushing snow.
Toro Dingo Multi Purpose Tool Attachment
Toro Dingo Multi-Purpose Tool
Three great tools in one!  Use the boom to haul trees, use the towbar for moving trailers and chippers,  use the three ripper tines to break up hard ground.
Toro Dingo TX Stand Platform
Toro Dingo TX Platform
The TX platform is great for riding long distances and designed for maximum shock absorption.  The platform can fold up out of the way when it is unsafe to ride.
Pick Up Broom Attachment 
Allows your Toro Dingo to pick up dirt, dust and mud and keep it contained in the attachment.  57 inches wide and can adjust bristle pressure on the ground.
Kaltec Platform
These platforms help reduce operator fatigue and improve operator line of sight.  The platform can fold up out of the way when it is unsafe to ride.
buy toro dingo

Great Financing Programs Available

Financing programs available like $0 down and no payments for 120 days and 0 percent interest for 42 months.  Other programs available too! 
No sales tax charged on Toro Dingos shipped outside the state of Virginia
toro dingo and toro dingo attachments
The Toro Dingo Loader

Meet the hardest working, most reliable, and versatile compact utility loader on the market.  The compact-equipment equivalent of a Swiss army knife, the Toro Dingo loader and its uses are unlimited.  Use it to...

-Maximize manpower and minimize hand labor
-Increase productivity and finish jobs faster
-Take on more work and expand your business
-Tackle virtually any task using 40+ attachments
-Work in tight spots where other machines cant go
-Go almost anywhere with a light footprint on existing turf
Every Dingo model gives you effortless maneuverability with virtually no learning curve for even the most inexperienced operator.  No wonder its the top-selling compact utility loader available today.

Currently, the Dingo family includes nine models, offering both gasoline and diesel, wheeled or track units, ride-on or walk behind. Any model you choose offers amazing hydraulic power, all in a compact maneuverable package.

The Dingo attachments have set the industry standard. Tough, powerful attachments are built to tackle the most challenging conditions. With over forty attachments available, the Dingo has applications in such industries as landscaping, fencing, irrigation, decks, remodeling, utility construction, farming, snow removal, commercial flooring, commercial roofing  and home owner use.

Toro Dingo Models
toro dingo tree grabber and mover attachment
Tree Grabber Attachment for Toro Dingo
Great for nurseries!  Gently and easily move containerized and b&b materials around.  Can handle 16 to 34 inch root balls.
toro dingo pot handler attachment for nurseries
Pot Handler Attachment for Toro Dingo
(requires tree grabber above)
Turn your tree grabber into a pot handler with this accessory.  Also used for other delicate materials.
toro dingo shovel attachment digs out existing trees
Shovel Attachment for Toro Dingo
Handy tool for getting your dingo to transplant trees, move boulders or tear out landscapes.  Built tough to handle the abuse of the task.
toro dingo air scrubber cleaner catalytic convertor
Air Scrubber (Cleaner) for Toro Dingo
Have your Dingo work indoors by adding this exhaust cleaner.  This catalytic muffler removes harmful engine emissions to protect your health.  Works fine outside too! 
toro dingo eager beaver branch manager attachment
Hydraulic Mini Squeezer Grapple
This vertical grapple hydraulically rotates 360 degrees.  Great for moving and loading logs and branches; feeds chippers too.  Grapple opens to 54 inches.
toro dingo hydraulic 6 and 1 4 and 1 combination bucket erskine
6 and 1 Combination Bucket
6 features in one bucket. Comes with 2 powerful 3000 psi hydraulic cylinders.  Made with reinforced grade 50 steel and has 3 sharp cutting edges.                           VIDEO
toro dingo log rod hydraulic bucket
toro dingo bush cutter rotary brush mower attachment
toro dingo pick up broom erskine rock hound attachment
toro dingo erskine snow hydraulic broom attachment
toro dingo sifting bucket manure bucket erskine
Sifting Bucket for Toro Dingo
Useful in combing and screening the soil for larger rocks and debris.  A must have for site prep and farm use. Made in USA.
toro dingo kaltec step up platform grey
new toro dingo model
Indroducing the latest in the line up of Toro Dingo's.  The TX 1000 is the strongest mini skid steer on the market today.  Combine its strength with its very high reach ability and you have a machine that puts the competition to shame.  Click the Dingo image above for more information.

grapple bucket for the Toro Dingo
Grapple Bucket for Toro Dingo
Made of high strength steel.  48 inches wide and opens 36 inches.
Made in USA.

tiller attachment for the Toro Dingo
Tiller for the Toro Dingo
Direct drive.  50" overall length and 37" tilling width.  Bi directional.  Made in USA.

auger head for the toro dingo
Auger Head for the Toro Dingo
​Can use 4" - 30" bits.  High torque model.  Made in USA.

soil conditioner for toro dingo
Soil Conditioner for Toro Dingo
aka a harley rake.  48" working width. Direct drive.  Manual angling (hydraulic angling is optional).  Made in USA.

concrete breaker jackhammer attachment for toro dingo
Concrete Breaker for Toro Dingo
​High performance/ low vibration.  560-1700 BPM.  Moil/chisel/or asphalt cutter available. Made in USA.

aftermarket toro dingo attachments
Stump Grinder for Toro Dingo
Hydraulic cutting head moves left to right.  14.5" diameter and 1/2 inch cutting wheel.  Up to 1000 rpm cutting speed. Made in USA.

erskine trencher attachment for mini skid steer
Trencher Attachment for Toro Dingo
​3 foot boom.  Many chain styles and widths available. Comes with crumber and auger.  Made in USA.

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